Spray Tanning in the time of COVID-19

Normal…  We all want to know when we can get back to normal.  Hugging friends and family, date nights in romantic restaurants, and less masks and plexiglass.  No matter what, safety remains paramount.

Health and safety for you, me, and my family have been the most important elements to my business plan since we started Capri Tan.  It was originally motivated by all natural ingredients and helping you reduce your exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.  In today’s wrestling match with a pandemic we can’t see or feel, we are tasked to ask more pressing questions.  What is the new “normal?”  When will X business re-open?  In the state of California and LA County specifically, what is considered a business qualified for a Stage 3 vs. Stage 4 re-opening… and will some never find their way back? (buffets and movie theaters come to mind)

I have recently received more and more questions regarding Capri Tan’s re-opening plans. With hair salons opening and other, traditional tanning salons opening, it is understandable.  That said, our services are unique and more complicated than the above.

Capri Tan will remain closed for now.

Our custom, mobile spray tans are not like other tanning services in brick and mortar salons with designated tanning booths.

In order for us to resume business operations we will first need to have clear solutions to the following issues and concerns:

  • Sanitization and Safety for each tan in each location on any given day.  Unlike a brick-and-mortar salon that can control cleaning regiments and capacity, we come into your homes.  Sometimes, multiple homes in one evening.  We are unable to control each environment and cannot guarantee safety for you, me, or our respective families.
  • We cannot perform our services with clients wearing masks or face coverings.
  • We cannot perform our services while maintaining social distancing.  You know how close we get… that ain’t happening anytime soon.
  • We cannot perform our services with our staff wearing face shields (tanning solution will obscure our view rather quickly).
  • Our tanning tent is commonly touched and exposed to potential viruses regularly.  Proper cleaning and sanitizing between appointments requires more than just the time it takes.

Rest assured we are exploring solutions for each of these issues. We will re-open and begin offering our tanning services only when we have clear answers and the ability to deliver the quality experience for which you have come to know us.  Not everything will be the same, but we promise to deliver the best we can.

I miss you all.

This is hard.  I miss seeing all of your faces.  I miss your pets and your families.  I want to be back to normal as soon as we are able.  Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet.  I promise to be back in touch when we have more answers.

Stay In The Loop

Be sure to get notified as the situation evolves and appointments become available by making sure we have your email address.

Charity Ledesma

Author Charity Ledesma

Charity was born and raised in Southern California and now lives in the South Bay with her husband and daughter. Charity started Capri Tan after the worst sunburn of her life. She loves how her tans make women feel beautiful while also taking care of their skin. Charity is a little addicted to coffee, and almost every 4-legged (or 3-legged), furry animal in the world. She can usually be found on the weekends with her family at Disneyland or DIY-ing just about anything.

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