Are you too busy to get one of our tans?  You may want to opt for our super fast, Rapid solution.

Of course we are all great planners with excellent time management skills.  We manage our households, take care of our kids, and all while being amazing #BossLadies in our professional lives.  That said, wouldn’t it be great to not have to plan out 4 hours after your tan?  Wouldn’t a super fast tan help?

Wouldn’t it be great to book your tan, and in as little as 30 minutes be back in the normal swing of your day?

Our new RAPID solution allows you to shower in as little as 30 minutes after your appointment.

Our rapid-setting solution will be applied by a trained, tanning expert and customized to your skin tone and/or preferences for that perfect, sun-kissed look.  The experience and appointment is exactly the same as our other two solutions… just more convenient to your busy schedule.

Learn More About Rapid

Rapid Tans require the least amount of time on your skin before showering, working out, swimming, or just getting on with your day.  Shower in as little as 30 minutes (depending on skin type and depth of tan desired).  Tans will deepen into your perfect shade over the next several hours.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information…or, just book that glow now!

Charity Ledesma

Author Charity Ledesma

Charity was born and raised in Southern California and now lives in the South Bay with her husband and daughter. Charity started Capri Tan after the worst sunburn of her life. She loves how her tans make women feel beautiful while also taking care of their skin. Charity is a little addicted to coffee, and almost every 4-legged (or 3-legged), furry animal in the world. She can usually be found on the weekends with her family at Disneyland or DIY-ing just about anything.

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